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Up Way Publications 41st Anniversary

The Bible Apostolic Logo features the golden sun rising from a deep blue morning sky. The Bible as  the one foundation upon which we build and are establishes is marked open by the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Great Creator who so loved us  that He became flesh and dwelt among us, then bled and died to pay the debt for our sins. The golden sun arc doubles to represent the open tomb from  which He arose triumphant. The descending dove represents the coming of the Holy Spirit to us and the flame represents the fire and power of the Holy Spirit in the life of every true believer. When asked if we are Fundamentalist, we are more Fundamental than they. Are we Evangelistic? Very! Are we Baptist? We place a higher value on Biblical water baptism than the Baptists. Are we Pentecostal? We definitely believe in the entire of the Acts 2 experience including that the promise of 2:38 and 39 is to all that the Lord our God shall call. Are we Apostolic? Our desire and goal is to preach, teach and practice that exact same Gospel that Jesus Christ and His Original Apostles taught and would still be teaching if here in person, as we prayerfully try to be their faithful representatives. — Samuel M. Smith, Editor, Presiding Elder
Tracts Header

How To Use All-Scripture-Verse Tracts for Bible Study

ASV-1 Student Work Sheet

1. Did the world evolve, or was it created? ___________________________

2. In whose likeness and image was mankind created? __________________

3. Why do we make likenesses or images?  ___________________________


4. Who or what was the "Word" spoken of in John 1: 19 _________________

5. What part did He have in creation? _________________________________

6. What is the real probability of the Theory of Evolution, as taught, being true?


7. Is mankind inherently good, as some teach, or are we bom with a sinful

nature? ________________________

8. Who was the Father of Jesus Christ? Joseph or the Holy Ghost? _______


9. For what purpose was Jesus Christ bom?  _________________________



10. According to Rom. 3:23, is anyone sinless? _______________________


11. According to Rom. 6:23, what is the priceto be paid for sin? ___________


12. What did God graciously do for mankind?  ___________


13. In your own words, what was Jesus really telling Nicodemus

in John 3:16? _________________________________

14. Then is it sensible or true to call this beautiful truth

"The Plan of Salvation"?  _____________________

15. What part does believing have in the salvation process?  ____________


16. What was the command of the Apostle Peter to those who had
believed, been "pricked in their heart' and  asked "What must we do?"


17. Is it sensible or true to call this beautiful truth "The Plan of Salvation"?


18. Is there any scripture detailing the salvation of anyone after Jesus died
[and rose again] who was not baptized in Jesus' name anywhere in the Book

of Acts?  ____________________________

19. According to Acts 4:12, is it possible to have salvation without the name of

Jesus?  _________________

20. According to Romans 6:1,2, is it OK to sin so the grace of God may abound?


21. What happens when we are baptized in the name of Jesus Christ according
to Romans 6:3,4; Galatians 3:27 and Colossians 2:12?


22. What are we burying with Christ?  _________________________________

23. To what do we rise from our watery grave?  _________________________________________________________________

24. What other meaning does the Apostle Paul add to Romans 6:3,4 in Galatians

3:27?  ___________________________________________________________

25. Is the person who has experienced the Plan of Salvation the Apostles preached
and practiced the same as he or she 

was before? (2 Corinthians 5:17)  ______________________________________

26. What has the person who has experienced the Plan of Salvation the Apostles
preached and practiced become? 

(2 Corinthians 5:17)   __________________________________________________

27. To be obedient to the Gospel the first Apostles preached and practiced, what do
you, personally and at your present relationship with God, need to do?  _________________________________________________________________


P. O. Box 1015 - Kailua, Hi 96734 U. S. A.

1. It was created by God.
2. God's.
3. To show what the original was like to someone who cannot see the original.
4. Jesus Christ.
5. "Without Him was not anything made that was made."
6. Billions to one odds against it.
7. No. "...we have turned everyone to his own way."
8.The Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God.
9. To save His people from their sin....
10. All have sinned.
11.  Death.
12. The giftof God is eternal life through Jesus Cluist our Lord.
13. Jesus is explaining the love, the grace, the mercy of God.
15. The Holy Spirit uses our belief to bring us under "pricked hewc' conviction of our sins.
16.When Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized everyone ofyou in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our Godshall call."
17. Yes. Obviously so.
18. No.
19. No.
20. No.
21. We are buried with Him.
22. We are burying our old sin nature which we killed when we repented of our sins.
23. To walk in newness of life.
24. We put on Christ as we would put on a garment, so we are truly "in" Him.
25. No.
26. A new creature in Christ Jesus with new desires and attitudes.
27. LIVE as a true new creature in Christ Jesus and share your testimony with
       everyone you can.
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Up Way Publications 41st Anniversary
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